Workshop Topics & Presenters

Whether you would like to cook healthier, create a healthier mindset, or understand the science of nutrition, we will have something for you.   Please check back regularly for more information!

In the meantime, here are a few of  the professionals that will be a part of our Hill Country Wellness Reset 2020:

Topic:  Healthy Cooking Classes

January 31st: All Vegetables All the Time @ 9:45am

In this hands on class, we will work on chopping skills while preparing lots of different vegetables in some new and novel ways. We will be working with beets, carrots, celery, broccoli, fennel, cauliflower and whatever else I can find  to up your veggie game. This class is Whole30 and can easily be gluten-free.

February 1st: Chicken Stock & Bone Broth @ 9:45am

Chicken broth is truly a powerhouse. Nutrient dense, collagen and gelatin-packed, chicken broth is a true elixir. It heals and protects your gut, promotes healthy digestion, reduces joint pain and inflammation, increases your immunity and improves your hair, skin and nails. Learn how to make a delicious broth and then follow up with nutrient dense, anti-oxidant packed soups for easy weeknight meals.

Amy Anton, Food Lover – Amy grew up sitting on the kitchen counter watching her mom cook, gave dinner parties in high school, cooked for all her roommates in college, and now has three boys who never stop eating. A long-time advocate for delicious home cooking and the family dinner, she won the Saveur magazine Italian recipe contest in early 2000. Amy is passionate about local food, and is a founding board member of Recipe for Success Foundation and the founder of aaCooks, a Houston-based cooking school that focuses on simple seasonal cooking. Amy has expanded her cooking school throughout Texas through her website, Kitchen Underground. The website is a place to discover one-of-a-kind cooking classes taught by local cooks in intimate, authentic spaces in their community. It allows home cooks to share the dishes, knowledge, and stories they love best with others and encourages people to savor the world and people around them through the sharing of food.

Topic: Therapeutic Lifestyle Reset

Gabria will walk you through an outline that will show you specific interactions between mind, body and spirit that impacts your overall health. She discusses specific strategies to reset your body during periods of high stress as well as specific labs to ask your provider to run looking at different aspects of your health as well as inflammation. Gabria will discuss a specific diet plan that has research in lowering inflammation and overall body burden for disease. You will also be given a copy of this comprehensive diet plan with a planner and weekly recipes.

January 31st @ 9:45pm

February 1st @ 2:30pm

Gabria Cathcart, FNP-C, IFMCP is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) who graduated from Baylor University; she has been in the medical field for 18 years. Prior to establishing FWCC Clinic she has worked in the Central Texas area for the last several years.

Prior to this she was practicing medicine in the DFW metroplex. Functional/Integrative and Lifestyle medicine are the areas in which she is most passionate about. Walking alongside a patient and showing them how they can achieve their potential and optimal health is her primary focus. She is also a native Texan and a resident of Central Texas. What brought Gabria to functional medicine was through her own health journey. In seeing a functional medicine provider for herself it opened her eyes to a finely honed approach that helped her begin the healing journey.

In walking down this road to functional healing she has began her own certification with the Institute of Functional Medicine so that she can give this same skilled approach to her patients.

Wellbeing, SimplifiedTM Topic: A Mind-Body-Spirit Approach to Nutrition

In this session, we will teach ways to maximize the positive benefits from the food we ingest. We will teach concrete tools that will help the body and mind optimally prepare before, during, and after food intake.

February 1st @ 9:45am

Heather M. Goodwin, MA, HHP

As the Director of Heights of Health Holistic Behavior Division, Heather empowers adults and children with proven life-transforming tools and interventions. Heather’s mindfulness and behaviorally-based approach leads individuals to make sustainable choices that bring life-changing outcomes within reach. Heather holds a Master’s degree in Education and is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. Heather launched the Holistic Behavior Division at Heights of Health, Houston’s beloved and cutting-edge natural healthcare clinic, to better serve client’s emotional and psychological needs. At Heights of Health, Heather teaches adults and children research-based practices that utilize the science of neuroplasticity to rewire the brain and proven mind-body techniques that transform the nervous system, thus positively affecting daily habits and behaviors. Heather’s clients are empowered through the use of powerful high-tech devices as well as easily to implement low-tech techniques. Heather has particular expertise in the mind/body connection, changing the stress response, managing anxiety levels and with children with ADHD and other neurological or behavioral challenges. Additionally, Heather is the co-creator of two cutting-edge programs. Wellbeing, SimplifiedTM   is a transformative mind-body  program that leads to outstanding whole person health in just 3 simple steps. Present Time KidsTM  is a neuroscience and mindfulness-based program for schools. After 20+ years in the educational, behavioral and holistic health fields, Heather remains a requested national speaker and recognized behavior specialist.

Tracy Southwick, ND, HHP, DNM

As the founder and owner of Heights of Health holistic clinic in Houston, Texas, Tracy Southwick, ND, HHP, DNM has been dedicated to educating and empowering people to take ownership of their health and wellness for over 20 years.  Her passion comes from having overcome her own health challenges through understanding the body’s innate ability to heal itself once given the proper tools.  Tracy is the co-creator of Wellbeing, Simplified™, a transformative mind-body program that teaches 3 simple steps to health and wellbeing.  Through the years, she has also developed 2 very effective balancing and releasing techniques that are utilized daily in her clinic.  They are called Energetic Cellular Release™ and Mind-Body Release™.  Through Tracy’s direction, Heights of Health successfully melds cutting edge technologies with holistic therapies to create individualized health strategies for every client.  Tracy is passionate about teaching these tools individually to her clients, as well as through larger venues such as her Wellbeing, Simplified™ radio spot, workshops and seminars.

Topic: Medicine Approaches to Preventing Cognitive Decline

Neurogenerative disorders are on the rise – with diagnoses of mild cognitive impairment to dementia increasing with our aging population. Science is showing that brain changes often begin in our 30s or 40s and that lifestyle and diet remain the greatest hope in slowing, preventing, or even reversing some of these brain changes. Whether you are concerned that your own memory is starting to slip, you are a caregiver for a loved one with cognitive decline, or you have been told you are at high familial risk – this workshop is for you. Amanda Jones, MS Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine will help you understand the very basics of brain health, where things go wrong, what the current medical and diet/lifestyle research has to tell us, and how to leverage key lifestyle factors to protect our brains and ensure cognitive longevity and quality of life in aging.

January 31st @ 9:45am

February 1st @ 9:45am

Amanda Jones specializes in combining functional nutrition consulting with cognitive-behavioral coaching to help clients identify and address the underlying root causes of imbalance in the body and move toward optimal health. A deep understanding of nutrition science and the therapeutic applications food, lifestyle, and targeted supplementation is a great start, but it is not always enough. Most people need more than good information to achieve meaningful, lasting change. This is why Amanda‘s model of practice focuses on the intersection of social sciences with health care, incorporating techniques like mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral coaching, motivational interviewing, and positive psychology to help clients achieve their goals. Her educational background includes specified training in digestive function and the microbiome, blood sugar regulation, hormonal balance, cardio-metabolic health, brain health, and chronic inflammation.

In addition to her private consulting and coaching business, she works as an Associate Instructor at the Nutritional Therapy Association, one of the world’s leading adult educational organizations focusing on training healthcare professionals in ancestral based, nutrient-dense, whole foods nutrition and therapeutic diets. Amanda‘s passion for teaching led her to create her own group programs on cardio-metabolic health and guided elimination diets. In response to the rising numbers of people being diagnosed with devastating neurodegenerative disorders, Amanda is currently focused on whole-body approaches to support and protect brain health.

Topics: Ayurveda 101 & Essential Oils

Friday, January 31st

 Ayurveda 101 @ 9:45am

Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest holistic whole-body healing systems that has been gaining popularityin the West in recent years. Recognizing that we are all different, Ayurveda, (the healing system of yoga) incorporates nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, remedies, and routines that are designed for our specific constitution. By realizing more about ourselves, we learn to live more aligned with nature and  we experience greater healthand wellbeing.  Handouts and a test to help determine your specific constitution are included in this session.

Essential Oils @ 2:30pm

Essential Oils have been used in holistic healing practices dating back to the time of the ancient Egyptians. Today essential oils can be found almost
anywhere, yet many people don’t understand why they work or how to use them. So, we will discuss what essential oils are, why they work, and how to use them! Learn which oils are best for specific complaints like indigestion, headaches, sore muscles, insomnia, cuts and wounds, stress relief, and much more. Becky will bring oils so that you can experience their aromatic effect. If you have oils at home, feel free to bring them. This will be a fun, informative class!

Becky Jordan is registered with the Yoga Alliance as an ERYT 500 yoga teacher, is a Certified Ayurveda Yoga Therapist, a Certified Professional Yoga Therapist, is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, and an Essential Oils educator. She has over 22 years’ experience as a Yoga Teacher and has been practicing yoga since the early 70s. In 2006 Becky co-founded Sacred Art Yoga Teacher Training Program and in 2008 opened Heart of Texas Yoga, the first full time yoga studio in Wimberley, Texas.

Becky has created her own style of yoga which employs the tools of all she has learned over her years of study. Her strengths and major interests include proper postural alignment (in yoga class and in life), meditation, breath work, Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy. Becky has taught around the country at yoga conferences and has traveled the US, Mexico, and Central America leading yoga retreats.

Known for her easy going, warm, funny, compassionate, and caring approach to teaching, Becky’s passion is to help others find greater health and happiness in their bodies, hearts and minds.

Topic: Why try Myofascial Release?

Health professionals have ignored the importance of an entire physiological system, the fascial system that profoundly influences all other structures of the body. This glaring omission has severely restricted your ability to relieve your symptoms and to heal. JJ utilizes The John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach® which treats the entire myofascial complex eliminating the pressure caused by the restricted myofascial system (the straightjacket) that creates the symptoms. We treat patients from all over the world with Myofascial Release when medicine, surgery, traditional therapy or massage did not produce the desired results.

February 1st @ 9:45am

JJ Morales is an expert level Myofascial Release therapist with 30 years experience as an Occupational Therapist and 14 years of intense study and practice of myofascial release techniques.  She is regularly invited to assist  John Barnes with seminars where he teaches his unique and groundbreaking approach to therapists, physicians and other health professionals

Topic: Resiliency & Power

Resiliency is the ability to bounce back from a hard thing, and turn your big emotions from a seeming liability, into an asset that gathers your energy. It is the ability to self soothe, and regain peace. Power is the ability to create with effortless precision. Power is rooted in resiliency, and then brought forth by knowing the truth of who you are, and having an understanding that you can feel how you want to feel, and flip challenges into exciting opportunities. It calls forth aligned action within self.

January 31st @ 2:30pm

Melanie Weinberger is a human potential activist and life coach who works with entrepreneurs, CEO’s, thought leaders and social activists to help them create change in themselves and in the world. Her mission is to connect with community and enable an uplifted life experience, not based on your outer achievements, but rather, your inner ability to choose your experience.

In 2018, she co-founded an organization called Mindlight and developed an emotional mastery certification program that gave corporate leaders the ability to turn emotions from liabilities into assets and be a beacon for emotional competency inside the workplace. Prior to Mindlight, Melanie was founder and CEO of Wellshift, a consultancy which developed wellness programs for companies around the country, with a customer roster that included Google, Rackspace and more.

Melanie has done transformational work with Fortune 500 teams and their executives, and has spoken at conferences including SXSW, Burning Man, and Global Entrepreneurship Week. She is a TEDx international speaker and believes living an extraordinary life, and being an extraordinary person is a practice and a choice. She recently launched a new online series called Feel More Good which brings modern mental well-being modalities to the forefront for everyday people.

Topics: Intuitive Eating and Ayurvedic Nutrition & Postmenopausal Nutrition

February 1st @ 9:45am:  Intuituve Eating & Ayurvedic Nutrition

Are you interested in learning a sustainable lifestyle of nutrition? Are you tired of the fad diets and gimmicks? Are you curious about a holistic approach to wellness? Come join us as we discuss health and wellness through intuitive eating and ayurvedic nutrition. Bring your questions, and we’ll provide ways to incorporate these wellness techniques into your life today, so you can be your personal best!

February 1st @ 2:30pm:  Postmenopausal Nutrition

Are you experiencing unwanted weight gain? Are you concerned about  osteoporosis and bone health? Are you interested in maximizing brain health,
or simply want to feel better and stronger in this season of life? Come join us as we discuss health and wellness for the post-menopausal woman through nutrition and physical activity. Bring your questions, and we’ll provide tips and tricks so you can live your best life!

Julie Noyle, MS, RD obtained her Master’s in Human Nutrition and Registered Dietitian credential through Colorado State University (CSU). After graduation, she worked on a grant that researched a nutrition and physical activity program for preschoolers. A bulk of her career focused on picky eating and gross motor skill development for preschoolers, but she has a passion for health and wellness among all ages. When working at CSU, she was a study coordinator for a randomized controlled trial, developed program curriculum, and presented several teacher trainings and conference presentations. Recently, she has been focused on community outreach by presenting “picky eating” and fundamental nutrition lectures and workshops to parents and adults. She has also started seeing private clients and families. She loves talking nutrition! Her primary job, however, is “mama” to her three children, ages six and under. She gets plenty of hands on experience with her own little tribe, and loves sharing and working with other families.

Topic: Self-Care is Healthcare: 7 Simple Ways to Reclaim Your Optimal Health from the Perspective of Chinese Medicine Theory

Chinese Medicine theory is deeply rooted in an understanding of how nature works. How does this apply to people? Why does this make Chinese Medicine a valid, holistic system of medicine with sage advice for us regarding wellness, illness recovery, and longevity? Very simply, we humans are not just spectators of nature – we are 100% part of nature. Our modern day lifestyle offers us many comforts and conveniences that, as great as they are, remove us from our connection to the universe around us. As a result, we have forgotten that we
are not exempt from the laws of nature. In fact, they very much apply to us.
Come learn and discuss some ways to apply these theories to your life and why they can be so helpful in helping us both emotionally and physically.

February 1st @ 2:30pm

Leila-Scott, co-founder of The Center for Healing Arts & Sciences, holds a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine, a degree in the psychology of leadership from Vanderbilt University as well as certification in TBRI: an attachment-based, relationship-oriented, trauma-informed approach to human growth and development, which allows her to meet her patients emotional needs as they arise during acupuncture sessions & groups.
Additionally, she acquired her culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, and has completed multiple long-form yoga trainings which explore mind, body & spirit. Her culinary degree informs her ability to demystify holistic nutrition & food prep for her patients. Leila-Scott feels strongly that medicine, movement & meals are three things that should further our wellbeing, not make us feel worse. Leila-Scott also leads women’s support groups and retreats, and spear-heads the food therapy & movement components of the practice. 

Topic: Fermentation

January 31st: Vegetable Fermentation @ 2:30pm

Abby will go over some fermentation basics and then demonstrate how to make sauerkraut, kimchi, and brined vegetables, aka “pickles”. Following the demo, everyone will make sauerkraut together to take home. The workshop will end with samples and a Q&A session.  Learning how to ferment vegetables is the perfect place to start if you’re just getting into the world of fermentation. It not only preserves your food, but also introduces beneficial bacteria into your diet which helps boost your immune system.

February 1st: Beverage Fermentation @ 2:30pm

Abby will go over some fermentation basics and then demonstrate how to make kombucha, ginger beer, and other fermented beverages. Following the demo, everyone will make a ginger bug together. The ginger bug is the base for making ginger beer. Everyone will take home the ginger bug they made
plus a SCOBY for making kombucha. The workshop will end with samples and a Q&A session.

In 2012, Abby Wetzel was introduced to fermentation while working on a farm in New York.  She became enthralled with the delectable tangy flavors, the bubbles, and the microorganisms that transform our foods. Three years later, she started teaching classes and had fallen in love with spreading the culture of cultures. In April of 2017, she attended a Fermentation Residency Program with Sandor Katz.  She looks forward to sharing ideas and knowledge about this ancient food preservation technique.

Topic: Off-Grid, Organic, Old School

Robert looks forward to giving the attendees a look at where they can find clean food, his farm to table options, and why small farms need their business, and why they need small farmers for wellness. Also, how he is able to raise crops and livestock without harmful toxic chemicals, and how people can shop directly with farmers  thru CoOps, farmers markets, and farm stands.

January 31st @ 9:45am & 2:30pm

February 1st: 9:45am & 2:30pm

Off-Grid, organic, and old school best describes Robert D. Copeland. His 45-acre farm, The Sunflower, is an all-natural, nontoxic food production farm, and how-to instructional facility located in north Texas. Robert was born on the ranch, studied away at college, became a corporate-America dropout, and is now a farm-to-fork farmer and clean food proponent. Two years ago, Robert and customer in north Dallas started the Richardson Farm CoOp, where local farmers provide their fresh produce, eggs, meats, and more to the members in and around Richardson, Texas. He is building an off-grid weekend B&B retreat with straw bale and earth plaster cabins, complete with fresh organic meals, permaculture instruction, workshops, and just hanging out in Nature.

Topic: The Energetics of Health

When we think of health our mind automatically goes to the body, or our physical health. When in reality there are many facets one must consider when seeking profound and complete healing; the mind (mental aspect), body (physical aspect), and spirit (emotional aspect). In this presentation we will discover how all three of these aspects work together in harmony, and how we can achieve optimal health results when we address all levels of the human experience.

January 31st @ 9:45am & 2:30pm

February 1st @  2:30pm

Mary Lancaster, Spiritual Adviser, Shamanic Healer & Reiki Master uses her shamanic healing and mediumship abilities to find and open doorways into higher states of awareness, where we can be introduced to our highest potential and begin living a more fulfilled life. She works with others to help them heal old emotional wounds, break free of limiting beliefs and thought processes, and gain insight to a deeper level of innate wisdom. Much like the Incan Cross (or Chakana) in the Restful Waters logo, there are many facets and angles one must consider when seeking profound and complete healing. Mary uses intuitive insight to tap into all of the aspects of our human experience and offers complete healing for the mind (mental aspect), body (physical aspect), and spirit (emotional aspect). 

Restful Waters was started in 2012 with a mission to help others heal their physical body with massage. Over the years a pattern began to emerge and Mary realized that people were coming back time and time again with the same ailments and complaints. She started to research what more could be done to facilitate the healing process. What she found was that our bodies have an energetic map and every aspect is associated with a specific emotion. For example, many people were coming in with neck and shoulder issues. The neck & throat are where thoughts and emotions come together, and stiffness can occur due to withheld statements. If you’re having neck pain, ask yourself, “Am I having communication issues? Have I swallowed my anger and hurt? Am I expressing my feelings? Am I telling the truth?”

In 2016, Mary received her Reiki Master certification, was trained how to read Akashic Records, and attended workshops on Shamanic traditions of the Lakota lineage. With these new skills, her work began to shift from just soothing the physical body to also looking at the emotional body, and helping others heal from the inside out. The more she worked with the emotional body, the more she realized the great need we all have for healing on all levels. In the Fall of 2019 it was decided that massage would no longer be offered in order to focus on emotional healing and empowered living through one-on-one sessions, retreats, and workshops.

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